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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am Marc Abatiell and I coached the NPORT team for most of the year until I lost my son Feb 8th….I was emotionally no there and so was only to play 5 matches this year which I was 5-0 if you want to discuss this off where words are easy to write!!! call me 603 491 4224

    • Marc, I remember you from the B league when we were both playing there- you were a good player and a real tough competitor too. First of all I’m sorry about your son’s passing. Life is much more important than tennis and often much crueler. I remember after I lost both my parents a few years ago I just didn’t have the desire to play for several months afterwards, and I’m sure losing a son is far worse emotionally. As far as your comments I’m sure we have different opinions about the final match. I would be surprised if we didn’t. I respect your right to disagree with what I wrote but no amount of discussion is going to change my thinking. Please remember this blog is one person’s opinion and not a history book where you have to write a fair and balanced version of what happens. The bottom line is you guys were a good team and no matter what our lineup had been it would have been a very tough match. So congratulations and I hope you personally come back strong to the tennis court in the upcoming season. Dave

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